Circulation is the unforgiving and relentless Catch 22 of independent publishing.

Charles Baker, Diplo magazine
I have been the editor of an independent magazine for over 20 years. TUXAMOON was and is a hobby and only available online, but the lifelong love of printed independent magazines has never left me.

Independent publishers create fantastic masterpieces, indie magazines are not produced: they are lived.

In the words of Megan Le Masurier the reader’s relationship with these magazines becomes an act of courtship, an involvement towards impending commitment that is not the quick pick-up and discard of mainstream magazine consumption or the instantaneity of digital magazines.
Magic happens far away from your laptop!
There is an implicit erotics in waiting for the gratification of holding a new issue in your hands. Media consumption becomes a matter of desire, again. And reading is a slow consummation, a considered pleasure that can bear repetition.

Unfortunately, however, the independent magazine scene is confusing and difficult to grasp in purely quantitative terms. There are no uniform data sources, no clear organizations. Magazines come and go, publication frequencies change, and supply channels vary from title to title. The independent magazine scene lives largely on word-of-mouth recommendations. Compared to conventional magazines, there are hardly any retail spaces for independent magazines worldwide. They are limited to a few, often beautiful, specialized stores and concept stores.

With IndieMagsHub, I want to make all of these wonderful, often laboriously crafted magazines available to a wider audience. What could be better than using a magazine to briefly stop time, be tangible, and create value in a way that digital cannot?

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