Editorial Office:

V Magazine debuted in September 1999 as the younger brother journal of Visionaire, a limited-edition quarterly publication. V is the ready-to-wear equivalent of Visionaire. V is a large-format, visually-driven publication with a worldwide reach and a collaborative attitude. V is a fashion magazine with a capital F and all that goes with it: art, music, cinema, architecture...you name it. Before V was published, the editors had this thought: Consider a wall of forty-four TVs, each of which is set to a different channel. A wall of 250 TVs would be required now, but it's still a nice way to think about the chaotic and unexpected combination of people, places, and things that V celebrates in its pages. V is a location where uptown meets downtown, superstars rub shoulders with utter unknowns, and fine art meets underground culture. V is for chic, crazy, fun, and fabulous...in a letter.

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