Jazz thing & Blue Rhythm

Editorial Office:

Jazz thing is the magazine for today's global music fans.

Jazz thing regards jazz as a potentially limitless spirit of open-mindedness, rather than as an exclusive style designation. Our authors value heritage while also looking forward - and can convey their themes to the point in a reader-friendly manner.

They unerringly detect jazz vibes even in musical forms that do not fall within the purview of jazz in the traditional sense, such as hip-hop, soul, club music, or what we no longer refer to as "world music." Salsa, Flamenco, Son, Sahara Blues, Balkan Brass, Samba, Afrobeat, Fado, Bossa Nova, and more genres have been included in the independent supplement "Blue Rhythm" for almost 10 years. Meanwhile, these and many more forms have become such natural aspects of our musical world that they are treated equally in the magazine. Filigree folklorists have a say, as do iconoclastic sound revolutionaries who combine old and modern, East and West.

Jazz thing is also aesthetically unique, having a distinctive visual appeal and inventive graphic design. After all, music, particularly jazz, has always been more than an acoustic phenomena. With five jam-packed issues every year, Jazz Thing is professional and engaging, and it finds a connection with a continuously rising audience.

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