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(90)antiope is an asteroid that orbits between Mars and Jupiter. Its singularity will be dyadic, consisting of two linked entities that spin around a shared center of gravity.

This notion of duality is at the heart of the asteroid-themed bi-annual magazine, which strives to spark unexpected interactions. Always innovative, they may seem diametrically opposed at first glance, yet they give birth to a multiplication of the unexpected, always focused on both the unknown and the possibility. The publication's idea therefore centres on the intersection of two creative fields, presenting itself as co-designed and co-signed journalistic material.

Multiple and parallel histories are connected in this tale with two voices and four hands, challenging visual, sensory, and intellectual cultures while investigating the function of the eye, sensitivity, and the trace in all its facets. And which witness the creation of a shared moment, a tale and its echo, deconstructed then reassembled.

Fashion, photography, experimental music, and art: the disciplines and dimensions — reflective, creative — encounter and attune to one another, leading to a hybrid grammar. New kinds of textual and visual writing arise, and, most importantly, shared ideals of shared awareness and horizontality emerge.
This realm, born of a distinct duality, unlocks the promise of liberated expression, where binaries are merely spectrum of sensations, and opens the door to fluidity for those who create, think, and reflect.

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