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Current Obsession is a magazine and online platform devoted to modern ornamentation. CO is now working to broaden and empower the definition of ornamentation by putting essential personal and cultural signifiers — jewelry, fashion artifacts, digital methods of self-enhancement, bodily alterations, make-up, and drag art — at the heart of its practice.

Looking at pressing global issues through the lens of jewelry — one of the most fundamental art forms accompanying human existence — CO raises issues of identity, community, heritage, belonging, and the decolonization of jewellery knowledge.

CO is known for its experimental approach and unorthodox style, and it exhibits new methods of presenting and experiencing jewelry, interacts with extraordinary designers and artists, and produces curatorial initiatives with well-known companies and cultural organizations.

CO links varied audiences inside and outside of the jewelry industry, amplifying the voices of the manufacturers. CO has established itself as a trailblazer in contemporary jewelry and beyond, becoming the go-to platform for an international and cross-disciplinary network of designers, artists, and initiatives due to its team's knowledge and expertise, as well as their desire to continue to seek out what is current.

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