Editorial Office:

Anorak Magazine is published four times a year by Studio Anorak. It pioneered a fresh style and idea in children's magazine publishing when it debuted in 2006.

Anorak Magazine, the "happy publication for kids," is targeted at boys and girls ages 6 to 12. It is unisex and sold all around the globe online, in children's boutiques, museums, and newsstands.

Studio Anorak is pleased to create long-lasting printed magazines using REAL (recycled) paper with REAL (vegetable) ink. It helps them smell good and is fundamental to their goal to provide children with a peaceful, engaging, and enjoyable piece of culture.

Unlike today's publications, ANORAK isn't a throwaway title. It is intended to be collected, preserved, passed down, and reread in the same way that beloved children's magazines and annuals of the past were.

The primary concept of Studio Anorak is to inspire youngsters to utilize their imaginations to learn and to magnify their voices. Its offering is driven by a love of words and pictures that challenge and excite. And silly jokes too.

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