More or Less

Editorial Office:

Excess is no longer fashionable. Creativity has become the new luxury.

More Or Less's main aim is to get people thinking about the choices they make while shopping for clothing, taking into account the reality of cost and consumption. I also wanted to show how real people dress without losing sight of fashion's transportive enchantment and imagination.

More Or Less isn't just another fashion magazine that focuses on the latest trends. Vintage, army surplus, sportswear, old school uniforms, craft, and garbage are all acceptable.

Immediate satisfaction and overindulgence are symptoms of our see-now-buy-now, click-to-buy modernity. In this rapid-fire conversation, little time is spent thinking, "Do I really need this?" “Do I really want this?”

More Or Less honors a new kind of luxury: inventiveness. More Or Less is the first fashion magazine to prioritize sustainability. World-class photographers, stylists, and designers have embraced our challenge to produce eco-conscious, creative, entertaining fashion stories at a more affordable price range. More Or Less is about changing an excess-obsessed culture.

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