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Bookforum has been digging out new terrain in the field of book reviews since its inaugural issue in the summer of 1994, allowing writers to discuss books and cultural trends with curiosity, critical insight, and a distinctive personality. Contributors have taken on an array of topics, writing essays, columns, and reviews about fiction, history, fashion, feminism, current events, policy, bestsellers, fashion, film, music, pop culture, and personal obsessions.

Summer themed editions of the journal have shown a similarly wide spectrum, each compiling a number of opinions on themes such as crime writing, sex, the role of money in fiction, and the cultural shifts of 1968. Throughout its history, Bookforum has given voice to intelligent, innovative writers as they explore rising authors, cast fresh light on well-known works, and criticize overvalued and harmful cultural trends.

After 25 years, the journal is still pursuing its greatest goals: to engage with the ideas that define our moment and explore what books and culture reveal about the way we live now.

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