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THE FALL, which debuted in January 2017, is a new high-end bi-annual print title and multi-channel media platform that offers a unique avenue for creative and lateral cross pollination across the entertainment, music, art, and fashion industries.

THE FALL will investigate a presently under-exploited niche in media and publishing that will offer a free-reign approach to creative cross pollination, with a reference to Warhol's original Interview. While many people in the entertainment sector are multi-talented storytellers, the current publishing environment and primarily linear approach pigeonholes them for their one primary expertise, sometimes disregarding their other abilities and hobbies. Many filmmakers, for example, also shoot stunning photography, scriptwriters branch out into short tales or peer profiles, actors who also do music, and recording artists who establish fashion lines. THE FALL will provide a forum for all of them to cooperate extensively and realize long-held ideals that had previously been unrealized.

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