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Belgium, France

TLmag True Living of Art & Design, founded by Lise Coirier in 2009 by Brussels-based creative firm Pro Materia, is at the forefront of the art and design sector. Biannual editions, published in both French and English, are disseminated abroad to a growing audience. Each edition features extensive Special Guest interviews with leading figures, in-depth Brand Stories, talent-scouted Excellence & Creation surveys, inspirational Mix-Match photo series, applied Living with Art & Design reviews, and Real Life culinary or city reports, all of which focus on the latest developments in a given region or look at cross-cultural dialogues.

TLmag shows a whole picture and becomes a significant resource for experts, collectors, students, and the general public alike, with an editorial style that captures not only the physical process but also the idea behind distinct products. Each bookzine-style issue is a fun and collectible read, printed on high-quality offset paper. TLmag Online Magazine expands the editorial ambition of the printed magazine as a highly immersive creative resource. Following the above-mentioned chapter format, articles include fully-integrated large-scale photos, videos, and color-coded prose in a succession of seamless web editions. Each is designed to assess and promote TLmag-affiliated events, fairs, businesses, as well as specialized craftsmanships, materials, and creative areas. Articles keep readers up to date while also allowing them to purchase from the TLmag x Spazio Nobile Gallery, explore TLmag's history by color, and read haikus for inspiration and beauty.

Today's creative front, interdisciplinary and global, continues to translate its know-how and intelligence into innovative objects, breathtaking works of art, cutting-edge installations, reinvented architecture, and ground-breaking urban schemes - painting a complete picture of the society we live in. TLmag is an extraordinary, diversified, and bountiful champion for authenticity. Transcending various domains - furniture, lighting, interior and graphic design with architecture, photography, fashion, visual, applied art and the intersections where many of these disciplines meet - TLmag becomes an indispensable resource for an ever-growing creative community - design-driven readers, creative professionals, designers, students, and brands in search of precise, exceptional, and unequalled creations.

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