Editorial Office:

3x3 is the first magazine totally dedicated to modern illustration. The editors' main goal in publishing in the United States and distributing abroad is to share what's influencing international illustration.

The editors seek to preserve today's artwork by creating written means of communication so that future generations may see what artists were doing at the time. It is all too easy to lose sight of an individual's work in this digital era, and searching through old archives for information on an artist or particular project is time-consuming. With 3x3, the material is on your bookshelf or in digital form, allowing you to renew your knowledge about an artist of interest. The two collaborate to offer a track record of accomplishment.

The magazine's purpose is to preserve the heritage of the finest artists in the profession. The editors' goal is to help the best illustrators advance their careers, so they host conferences, podcasts, portfolio reviews, workshops, and publish affordable magazines and books in print and digital editions to help the next generation of illustrators learn from the experiences of the current generation.

The editors also seek to promote the value, feasibility, and distinctiveness of employing illustration in advertising, publishing, corporate, institutional, literature, and animation in whatever manner they can. Their juried exhibitions and following printed publications—annuals and edited directories—all contribute to this purpose.

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