20 Seconds

Editorial Office:

20 Seconds is a print-only publication dedicated to experimental music and art. It was created by and for designers, writers, and photographers who feel under-challenged by what they read and see.

But, more significantly, 20 Seconds is about interacting with what is essential to the community. They are inherently wired as a group to talk, argue, and exchange. Inspired by previous publications demonstrating that print is not dead, nor are honesty or independence, 20 Seconds Magazine is dedicated to recording such manifestations.

It's also a conversation built on flexibility. And we believe the discussion will continue as long as the ink on the pages.

They offer a remedy to the boring programming, sponsored-content-dependent, stock-photo-generated presentations that we all suffer from. 20 Seconds will be published twice a year and will include unique photography, longform journalism, poetry, interviews, and more.

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