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Since 1977, Hotshoe has been in publication. It is widely renowned in an industry that has evolved drastically since the 1970s as a cutting edge photography magazine. Hotshoe was redesigned in 2002 as a display of photographic portfolios, with a plethora of views and opinions from some of the most significant personalities in photography today, writing in one of the few fully independent newspapers that is distributed globally.

Each issue is beautifully made and collectible, focused on a movement, person, or event in the photographic canon, ranging from New York Street Photography to legendary British photographers from the 1970s, and topics like At Home that are relevant today. Portfolios often feature prominent artists like as Diane Arbus, Larry Sultan, Todd Hido, Nan Goldin, Mark Steinmetz, and Alec Soth, as well as previously released photos by Chris Killip and Joel Meyerowitz, appealing to a diverse variety of creative types.

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