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London Review of Books is Europe's foremost cultural and intellectual journal. It is published twice a month and allows some of the world's top authors to delve into a broad range of issues in exciting depth, from art and politics to science and technology, history and philosophy, fiction and poetry. The LRB is the preeminent exponent of the intellectual essay in the era of the long read, respected across the globe for its bravery, variety, and beauty.

In addition to book reviews, memoir, and journalism, each issue includes poetry, exhibition and movie reviews, 'short cuts,' letters, and a diary, and is accessible in print, online, and offline through our app. Subscribers get unrestricted access to anything we've ever published in our digital archive. Our new website now includes a blog, an online store, podcasts and short films, as well as video highlights from our events on both sides of the Atlantic and at the London Review Bookshop.

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