ìrìn journal

Editorial Office:

The ìrìn journal explores African culture through travel, people, and communities, with its namesake word referring to a manner of walking and journeying in Yoruba. A different African city is the focus of each issue of the journal as it illuminates the stories that combine to make up its unique identity.

In order to get a true sense of the culture of a city, they collaborate with various talent that exists locally, from artists, chefs, and musicians to travel enthusiasts, farmers, and economists. Those collaborations have produced a journal containing thoughtful and balanced content that explores the cultural landscape of the featured city through engaging storytelling, images and conversations. You will receive a journal of exceptional quality that both informs and enlightens. As explorers who are curious at their core, they are excited to showcase cities that have enormous histories to tell, cities that are often overlooked or misinterpreted, in an effort to change people's perception of those places. The journal is not trying to glamorize life on the continent; rather, it is focused on capturing the real Africa and Africans.

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