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It takes some getting used to. A collectable investigative journal packed with unique long-form stories. It's a cookbook you'll return to again and again. PLATES is an independent newspaper you'll be glad you found years before your friends.

PLATES investigates untold tales about human rights, social justice, intangible cultures, and the environment. For alternate tales, the editors utilize food as a discussion starter. In the goal of sparking meatier dialogues over shared plates, they replate each apparently enormous topic into an appealing and digestible tale.

PLATES is not your typical cookbook. It's also not a fancy food magazine that gets tossed and forgotten at the end of the month. PLATES has no advertisements. The editors aren't interested in celebrity chefs, 'Top 10 best-' lists, restaurant reviews, or CEO interviews. They write for the audience, not for the advertising.

As a result, they search for alternative, ignored food tales straight from the food supply chain's hidden players. From those without the luxury of a press team or access to a publicist, whether it's a marginalized rural rice farmer near the Kalimantan-Sarawak border in Borneo, the last generation of Kadazan-Dusun rice ritual specialists, or a minority figure who has been told 'no' her entire life and is now thriving in her alternative journey.

PLATES is written for the reader who is tired of the status quo; who doesn't need any more dramatic news and isn't interested in reading another press release. She will only make time for long-form, original pieces that have been studied with purpose, depth, and empathy, along with practical bite-sized recommendations and community-based solutions, with an ever-growing to-do list.

PLATES is for the person who thinks she has a larger role to play in her community but isn't sure where or how to start. While everything else in the world may appear overwhelming and beyond her ability as an individual, PLATES hopes to give her that gentle push, that brief introduction; to spark and unearth, perhaps a forgotten, sense of wonder, and the desire to venture beyond her comfort zone and the pages in PLATES.

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