Editorial Office:

Alix magazine, new from the design brains at IdN in Hong Kong, replaces the former IdN Extra special editions.

ALIX introduces you to the renowned personalities of alternative culture, as well as scene newbies who are constructing their own world outside from the establishment. Because, let's face it, the finest things that happen around us are rarely visible to the general public, and the bulk of them don't gain any exposure in the largest international showcases or walk the Victoria's Secret runway.

On street corners, the nicest things happen and are captured. They appear at the crest of a wave and are drawn on the sidewalk by the blow of a skateboard. Everything else is merely a footnote in a narrative that has been recounted thousands of times but experienced in the first person just a few times. Finally, we've been there, we've immersed ourselves in every issue with the enthusiasm of yesteryear, and we hope you appreciate this analogic experience as much as we did creating it.

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