Editorial Office:

aleï magazine is a biannual periodical established in Paris that is published globally. Since 2016, Melodie Zagury, Daphne Mookherjee, and Stas Kalashnikov have commissioned and directed aleï journal, an independently produced magazine. Its aims as an independent magazine presenting images, art works, and articles are to highlight persons whose creative practices are raw and distinctive.

The magazine is a compilation of artists' portfolios and interviews, free writings ranging from poetry to fiction, and several photo series donated by worldwide photographers. Each contributor is allowed to spend their space in whichever way they see fit, and the magazine aspires to function as an exhibition-edition, a permanent and distinct object.

aleï journal investigates issues such as intimacy, uniqueness, and bodily interaction via the lens of the natural identity of light, colors, and words. The lack of filters and retouching, as well as complete creative freedom, provide the magazine's writers with a true zone of expression and sensibility.

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