Editorial Office:

Despite the daily muck of the news, many important details are lost. Anyone who watches the news every morning might feel superficially informed, but they are only seeing a fraction of the world. News indicates that things are out of the ordinary: disasters, crises, and resignations. However, are we really understanding what's happening in the world? In what ways does digitization affect our work world? What are some of the current challenges our media systems are facing? How extensive are public and private surveillance options today? In what ways can participation in democracy be redefined and reconceived in the future?

Kater Demos takes a different route. The Printmagazine focuses solely on constructive journalism. Constructive journalism means relating separate pieces of information together, explaining them interdisciplinarily, and presenting solutions as well. There is much more to journalism than just reporting. All of this is brought to life in monothematic issues which are ad-free, huge, content-rich and quite beautiful, both from a design and content perspective. Journalism, after all, should also be fun.

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