Editorial Office:

International Designers Network (IdN) is one of the most well-known digital and graphic design publications, and it is pretty beautiful.

IdN, which is produced in Hong Kong and published quarterly, appeals to professionals, students, and design enthusiasts worldwide. It shrank from a bigger size to a more compact enormous A5 book format few years ago, foregoing simpler page-flicking in favor of a more dense and immersive read. This is due to the magazine's strategy of delving deeply into a few parts or even a single design area rather than skimming a lot more.

Design titles released in this manner are all too uncommon, therefore we maintain a wide range of old issues on hand to allow designers to build a valuable reference library.

IdN (International Designers' Network) is an international organization for creative individuals whose purpose is to expand and unite the design community. It promises to bring designers from all around the world together to interact, learn, and inspire one another. It has genuinely evolved into what its names imply - the International Designers' Network.

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