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Ever Emerging Mag is a non-profit site that showcases senior femxle artists (45+) working in any media. Ever Emerging arose from a desire to encourage women in creative sectors, as well as the notion that emergence is a constantly developing concept that is not necessarily tied to age or (measurable) youthfulness.

Despite the fact that women possess the majority of art degrees in many countries, the art world has historically been and continues to be a male-dominated sector in which males are overrepresented in museums, positions of authority, teaching employment, galleries, and visibility in general. Though the art industry is gradually becoming more feminist, women are not yet "there." Needless to say, female musicians over the age of 45 are unlikely to have profited from the current equality movement in their field. Strong networks of women of all ages are still desperately needed to empower each other's skill. Ever Emerging Mag hopes to help with this.

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