Printing Fashion

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Printing Fashion is an annual festival held in Paris that serves as an independent forum for practitioners, critics, and scholars to analyze the present function and value of fashion media via the perspective of printed and digital publications. The Festival, which was founded in 2019 by Justin Morin and Marco Pecorari, focuses on the landscape of fashion publications and fashion printed cultures, as well as the fashion of printed matter in the digital age. Each year, the Festival focuses on a different subject and examines a different issue via roundtables, lectures, and an exhibition where professionals are asked to discuss their experiences, techniques, and, most importantly, their various perspectives on what a fashion magazine means to them. Printing Fashion reveals the transactions, norms, labor, value exchanges, objecthood, secret procedures and characters that surround the manufacturing of a magazine while revealing its imaginaries and stereotypes.

Printing Fashion is also an annual publication that compiles all of the Festival's conversations, interactions, and experiences. The journal, created in partnership with graphic designer Monica Fraile Morisson, is published and produced by the MA in Fashion Studies at The New School Parsons Paris and serves as an opportunity for program students to connect and engage with professionals in the printed and digital media spheres.

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