Editorial Office:

À PART celebrates difference and diversity.

This tri-annual independent magazine production reflects a worldwide viewpoint and showcases rising and recognized artists from all areas of popular culture, including fashion, art, beauty, cinema, design, music, and journalism.

À PART aspires to investigate the worlds of art and fashion in order to create original visuals and question cultural trends, with the goal of becoming a legitimate source of influence and views, bolstered by alternative writing and a continually progressive perspective. It attempts to stimulate creativity rather than dictation, with a focus on cultural sustainability.

Anyone looking for enrichment will be satisfied by this aesthetically varied and inventive magazine. À PART will push the limits and surpass expectations of what a magazine can give with comprehensive and consistent boldness by integrating fresh creative talent with original concepts. À PART has been an independently published medium since 2014, completely commissioned and supervised by its creators and crew.

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