I Came For Couscous

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I CAME FOR COUSCOUS is a journal that allows Arab creative minds a platform to express tales beyond their geographical borders with flair and panache. We provide you a newspaper that contrasts and emphasizes the words of individuals who, connected and interested, investigate the world around them with creativity and freedom, surrounded by a team of journalists, authors, photographers, musicians, filmmakers, designers, poets, illustrators...

I CAME FOR COUSCOUS is more than a magazine; it is a human journey, a state of mind that promotes curiosity, openness, mixing, and sharing, mirroring the variety that makes us up and feeds us. A contrasting place, beautiful and flawed, to open a fresh window on other latitudes, and thus come to disrupt the certainties and accepted conceptions, to let all the convulsions of the soul full reign. I CAME FOR COUSCOUS, as a supporter of Solutions Journalism, is also participating in social and solidarity acts, utilizing journalism, art, and culture as instruments for education, development, and social integration.

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