Editorial Office:
Germany, USA

Featuring editorial content in a chaotic, abstract manner, Plastikcomb pays homage to the great magazines of the past. Among its main features are artists' work, short stories, and insightful interviews. Designers are invited to create layouts for each edition, providing additional opportunities within the artistic community.

Plastikcomb co-founder Thomas Schostok says, "Digital is Dead." Modern times call for us to stop talking about digital and return to physical printed publications. Additionally, there is nothing better than the smell of freshly inked printing ink.

Does this magazine offer anything groundbreaking? There is no need for that. However, it will provide a platform for artists, designers, and writers to show off their work, share a little of their story, and perhaps give a sense of inspiration that is not possible with a virtual environment. In an economy that is increasingly threatened by virus related economic impacts, this issue is more important than ever because more and more art galleries are closing permanently.

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