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Nez is the only magazine devoted to fragrance and the sense of smell. nez pushes us to use our noses to investigate the world by bringing together articles, interviews, surveys, and critical analysis with an olfactory emphasis. Art, literature, science, history, perfume... nez is unique in its multifaceted and enlightening approach to understanding how our sense of smell links us to the world. Passionate contributors, including scientists, perfumers, authors, researchers, historians, photographers, and artists, fill the elaborately adorned pages every six months. Each issue also includes scent samples, enabling the reader to immerse themselves in the'smell-scape.' Nez blends a magazine's diverse journalistic approach with the quality and permanence of a book. A significant section is clearly dedicated to scent and perfumery - where the business is headed, product evaluations, and promoting the art's historic history.

Online perfume reviews have shook up the business in the past decade, demonstrating that there is a place for the perfume critic among literary, cinema, and music reviewers. nez will be the first print periodical to tackle this essential factor (and it gets rather serious!). With the whole magazine devoted to the topic, each issue provides a distinct emphasis formed by the authors' specific specialties.

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