Alien Magazine

Editorial Office:

From its origins, the word alien has acquired a number of meanings, from a term used to describe people abroad, similar to the concept of foreigner or immigrant, to the sometimes cute, sometimes monstrous creatures depicted in science fiction.

The magazine pushes the boundaries of what it means to be an alien, exploring, twisting, and reinterpreting what it means to be an alien. Its series of visual/written essays, interviews or investigative reports encourages citizens to reconsider social norms and labels, no matter their shape, size, color, profession, political party, creed, belief, nation, or planet.

As people feel they have no other option in an alienating society, Alien Magazine provides a safe haven.

Lisa H. Moura founded and edited Aliens Magazine, a project driven by love. An ever-changing, ever-growing team of collaborators - each in their own way alien - produce and develop the magazine, designed by studio Frau im Mond.

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