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Crash Magazine is a quarterly French independent publication available in all major press retailers. Frank Perrin and Armelle Leturcq created it in 1998. They are both regarded as members of the new generation of French art critics that emerged in the 1990s.

Crash emerged on the French market with an unexpected aspect, loaded with a conscious desire to alter things: distinguished by a minimalist layout and design, it is composed of demanding avant-garde images attempting to accentuate the beauty of things with novel concepts. During the rise of the "French Touch," Crash collaborated closely with musicians such as Air, Daft Punk, and Michel Gondry. However, after 2000, they have moved their attention to the "New Generation," including Sofia Coppola, Phoenix, and Super Discount.

Crash Magazine is regarded as a venue for emerging talent and new artists, and its crew is globally renowned. Among other things, the newspaper concentrates on fashion and movies, with fashion symbolizing a cultural phenomena of society and all that is influenced by it in our day. Crash has been acknowledged as the only French journal that dares to blend high-end fashion with urban culture, embodying the image of a newly born generation of customers.

Crash releases an English version that is marketed worldwide. Crash is seen as a reference point by the typical reader (20-45 years old) since it investigates new and emerging trends, fashions, society, and lifestyle.

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