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grapefruits is a biannual magazine dedicated to highlighting female* composers and sound artists, born out of the Klang und Realität master's program at the RSH Düsseldorf's Institute for Music and Media. The name is inspired by Yoko Ono's 1964 book, "Grapefruit," where she likened grapefruits to a blend of oranges and lemons, symbolizing her own sense of dual identity. Since its inception in summer 2019, the writers, who rotate with each edition, handpick the artists they feature based on their personal interests. They span various genres in both art and pop culture, shining a spotlight on both modern artists and early trailblazers. Every issue is built around a central theme, chosen to tie together the diverse perspectives while also highlighting each artist's unique understanding of the subject.

The creators of "Grapefruits" emphasize female* voices, including those who identify as such, in order to combat the historical and ongoing invisibility they experience. The inclusion of the asterisk in the term "female*" is a deliberate choice to recognize and include other gender identities, such as intersex, non-binary, and transgender individuals.

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