Editorial Office:

The VielSehn magazine is finding the stories from people, culture and art of life our country, mecklenburg and western pomerania.

We visit people who live in the country, initiatives that are involved there, companies that do business there. In the VielSehn magazine we report on all those who make a difference in the region - artists and creative people, regional producers, innovation drivers, spatial pioneers, doers and many more. There's much to see!

Everyone knows the Baltic Sea, but hardly anyone knows what happens behind it, away from the tourist hotspots. With our magazine we want to change that!

Since 2021, the three of us have published four issues. We were able to start with a personnel cost subsidy, which expired after a year. Since January 2022 we have had to stand on our own six feet with the magazine. But that's too few. We need the power of the crowd to be able to continue.

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