Editorial Office:

Technology is magical. Technology allows us to create worlds and communicate across seas. Whatever sort of freak we are — and most of us are a mix of them — technology can help us locate other freaks like ourselves.

In the view of the editors of Logic magazine most tech writing is superficial and worthless. Nobody is to blame; everyone is just doing their job. Communications teams feed winning tales about its founders to reporters that explain nothing. The reporters are overworked and underpaid, and they need to submit a fresh piece before the end of the day. Who can blame them for falling for the ruse?

We deserve a better discussion. They mean "you" when they say "us," since everyone utilizes technology. We are all both the subject and the object of it. We use technology to locate a place to reside. It's how we convert a vehicle into a cab or a spare room into a hotel. Technology allows us to glimpse the faces of individuals we care about from thousands of kilometers away. It assists us in purchasing clothing and tracking the measures we take to fit into them.

Logic may help you comprehend everything better. The magazine is seeking for the reasoning behind it all, not the solutions.

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