Editorial Office:

Popshot is a beautifully illustrated magazine that publishes short stories, flash fiction and poetry from the literary new blood.

In June 2008, while browsing the literary shelves of the now-defunct Borders, the idea for a poetry and graphics journal emerged. We had the impression that the world of poetry was on an elite and fusty no-through path, and we intended to do something about it. The inaugural issue of Popshot, which combined graphics and poetry in a clean and nicely designed style, was released in April 2009, pounding its chest and paraphrasing Adrian Mitchell's 'Most people ignore most poetry because most poetry ignores most people.' The journal didn't appear like a poetry magazine, with black pages, a sans serif font, and bright graphic work, and we were happy with it.

The journal was quickly picked up by Dazed & Confused, featured on The Observer's Cool List, and designated one of "the fresh breed of literary magazines" by The Independent. Popshot was designated "the new face of British poetry" by Prospect shortly after it became the first British poetry magazine to acquire considerable worldwide distribution into 18 countries.

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