Editorial Office:

OVER Journal is a new magazine and online platform that seeks to provide its readers with a more healthy, honest, and critical observation and appreciation of photography. It seeks to provide the perfect conduit for an open and worldwide debate about the environment in which the discipline resides, rather than simply the output of artists, exhibiting places, and publishing companies, by publishing commissioned texts and artworks alongside interviews and opinion articles.

OVER Journal critically focuses on elements of the discipline that are frequently ignored, zooming out to view the whole scene, analyzing what is occurring and what power dynamics are at play. It is about avoiding the recurrence of outdated and faulty systems as much as it is about showcasing the work of individuals who are actively extending what we still refer to as Photography into new frontiers. It is more than just a portfolio magazine; it is a place for contemplation on new methods and ways of thinking, casting a light wherever it is required.

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