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Olivier Zahm, a Frenchman, has always enjoyed escaping into the printed world of art and fashion; in 1992, he co-founded the bi-annual art and fashion magazine "Purple Magazine" with Elein Fleiss, and so began his own manifestation of personal independence. His perspective on the world of aesthetics, as well as any creative expression, has never been polished or popular. Zahm's goal from the start was to increase awareness of the underground, anti-fashion, and avant-garde scenes. Purple made unknown artists, designers, and photographers visible, and names like Terry Richardson, J├╝rgen Teller, and Mario Sorrenti discovered their niche in the early 1990s, which, as we all know, ultimately became the big stage. As a result, Purple is regarded as a pioneer for many major names and can look back on an exciting history. Purple, however, continues to acknowledge and promote brands and creatives today.

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